Nike MacBook Decal


Glowing Nike Logo – Fits all MacBook sizes

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High quality, durable and long lasting vinyl is used for this product.


Slightly off-centred to get maximum light, therefore allowing design size being increased.


Application Tips:

Apply pressure to both sides of the decal after receiving to ensure all layers are still adhered.

Make sure the MacBook lid and Apple logo are clean and free of any dirt and dust throughout the process.

Before applying your decal, open your MacBook lid to illuminate the Apple logo and then place your decal over the Apple logo, be sure the light is coming through the entire design before using the sticky Anchor Tab (supplied) to temporally align its position.

Once you’ve double checked the design is lined up correctly, carefully peel off the backing paper from your decal starting from the top and making sure the decal vinyl isn’t being pulled off with the backing paper. You can start applying the decal with your other hand while still peeling off the backing paper (only if you’re sure its all still lined up.)

You can now peel off the Anchor Tab and application tape from the front after smoothing it out with your fingers.

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Black, Red


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